Sunday, October 3, 2010

What did I do this weekend you ask?! I had quite the adventure!! Where do I even start.... Ok, well on Friday my friends and I went clubbing ( I have never been clubbing before) it was quite the site. I had so much fun a night out with the girls! My curfew had been extended which I was glad about :). I had forgotten my house key, so my people said to use the garage. I was like o ok not a problem see you later. I come home a half an hour early which I am so glad I did only to find myself locked out of the house! I tried for 15 minutes typing in the code just hopping that I would somehow open it. I was thinking just maybe I was typing in the wrong code, so I texted the other nanny for the garage code. I found out that I was doing it right, but it still wouldn't open. Luckily Kirsten was just down the street dropping off some friends so she said that she would be right over to help. Then it dawned on me that I left my bedroom door unlocked, so I walked around back to find that my people had locked it! Then I felt the panic sink in. I didn't know what to do, do I call and wake them up risking waking up the kids. Do I sleep on the back patio in a lawn chair? Do I knock and get the dog barking, which will wake up anyone in the whole neighborhood?! What do I do, I just came from clubbing so I am tired, feeling pretty gross wanting to wash up and get into my pjs.. Kirsten came she tried and what do you know it still didn't open. So I spent the night at Kirsten's but before I left, I sent emails, texts to my people explaining why I was not able to get in, and that where I was going to be. I get a text roughly 4:30 from Elizabeth saying I am so sorry that you had to go through that, call when you get up. So when I woke up I called and she just started laughing. She got quite a kick out of it, I was not thrilled. I guess the battery in the pad thing died, and that is why the garage would not open. I walk in the door to find Libby in the kitchen cooking he took one look at me and laughed as well. He thought it was great. Now I know that if that were to happen again, I need to call, and if I wake the kids I wake the kids o well. If I am in Italy, Spain, even Mexico and I run into a problem, I need to call. It was quite the expierence that night/morning. It is now a joke that I always have my key in my pocket at all times. That was Friday night, then I went out for sushi with Cortney on Saturday night but before I went out with her, I went to wahoo's fish tacos with Hannah before she had to work, good thing I hate Wahoos so I didn't eat there, I was just there for the company. So after Sushi Cortney and I went to Nordstrom rack, which is just like ross but a little more expensive, I hated it! It is so disorganized but thats ok. Then we decided to go to a movie. We were planning on the 9:05 movie so we had plenty of time to get there like two hours. We get to the movie and find out that the show is sold out and the next time is 9:55, we looked at eachother like what are we going to do while we wait. We found ourselves at pizza my heart where we got a slice of pizza. Mind you we had sushi before as well. We sat there and people watched which was fun. Finally the time for the movie started! We went and saw the facebook movie, social networking? I thought it was a waste of my time! I mean it was cool to see how it all went down, and how it was formed and all the crap that it caused, but it was so slow!! Over two hours long, I was already way tired from the night before it just sucked. But what can I say from it all, I had a great weekend! I love having friends that like to get out and do things! It was a fun filled great adventurous weekend.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Could my life get any better?! It could get worse thats for sure! :) I have met my new group of friends that I hang out with on a regular basis on the weekends. Their names are Hannah, Cortney, and Keelee. They are all nannies and live kind of close by. They are so much fun! :) We went to San Francisco last night, my first thought was there are very VERY interesting people out there. It was very beautiful though. I have now been out here for a little over a month and I am starting to come out of my shell that I never thought I had. At first I was shockingly shy! I didn't know what the people out here would be like, would they accept me into their already formed groups. I was shy for no reason! I love my ward, now that Stanford has officially started there are a lot of fun group activites on the weekdays which are nice cause when I get off I just pick and choose the ones to attend. It is nice to have the option to choose when there is so many. I am now actually really comfortable driving around the area close by, but once I enter into a new city I am screwed!! Thank goodness for GPS! Seriously I don't know what I would do without it! Yesterday I had a moment that brought back o so wonderful memories! I was out running errands when we went to get back into the car, the car wouldn't start! I HATE CARS FOR THIS ONE REASON!!! Luckily it was just the battery, so I just got it jumped and AAA came today and replaced it. Good thing there is a basket of toys in the car to keep the little ones busy and entertained! :) I am home on the weekdays for the most part but I am now out and about on the weekends which is nice. California is just so beautiful! We are having a heat wave which totally sucks! It is up in the high 90's, it is just to hot!! But I will be honest, it will wonderful to come home to snow, and leave it there! It will be crazy this first winter to not have snow! I wonder how "cold" it will get. So far I am doing fine and missing everyone! Until next time! :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Michael is loving pre-school. He starts a activity that is called the lunch bunch tomorrow, which is where he will stay at pre-school until one instead of twelve and he has lunch there. I told him about it, I tried to sound as excited as I possibly could and his response had me laughing in the corner. So I am telling him what I can make him for his first lunch tomorrow and all he kept asking was how will you know if I ate all my lunch or not? Seriously he is concerned if I will know if he ate all of his lunch or not. O to cute. All I could say was the one thing I was always told, "I know everything"! I will no whether or not you eat so you better make sure you eat all of your lunch. He replied alright Kellee I will. TENDER! :) Jack is now teething on his upper molar, o will it ever end! I have made sure medicine has been in him you and can totally tell when it has worn off because all you can hear is screaming and crying. This so far has been my biggest challenge on finding out how much patience I really have. I feel like I do pretty well, but by the end of the day I am on my last nerve! I have no idea how girls my age have children! I would not be able to handle the 24/7 care! I love how the school sends home that wonderful flyer that says your child may have been exposed to strep throat last school day! I flipped, Michael now has a runny nose and is very congested, I have been sanitizing non stop. That's all I need a sick teething baby o that sounds like fun! NOT! That is one thing I am very thankful for is knowing how to clean and to clean it the right way. I have been reading to Michael everyday and when I don't he reminds me that I need to. He came in my room last night with a pile of books, how could I resist to tell him no. He is such a sweet well mannered kid. I need to butt heads with him that way I know he is not to good to be true! :) I make him say Kellee please may I come in before he sets one foot on my carpet. It is working pretty well. I let him know when I need my alone time and he is not a big fan of when I say no but he deals with it well. Stanford is getting ready to start which means my singles ward will be much more fun and interesting. I am totally stoked! So far there is a lot of activities planned and bbqs! PARTY! I find myself shopping online when its late and I am bored, which is a terrible thing! Yea I need clothes cause it is new climates and mind just don't work out so well, but I like to see my bank account with high numbers. If only spending money grew on trees! The trees around me would all be bare! :) Well the kids are getting up from the afternoon naps, its snack time. Until next time! :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A gas explosion wipes out a whole neighborhood in San Bruno California?! What! Thats right! I am roughly 20 miles south of where that all went down. I am safe and sound but am disturbed at the sight! We didn't hear, feel, or see anything. We were clueless until we turned on the news! It is so terribly sad to see the damage that has been made! There are over 30 homes destroyed and over 50 damaged! Could you imagine if this were to happen to you! YOWSA! So far I don't know anyone that has been affected, and I still feel horrible! I wish there was something I could do! I want to let everyone know that I am fine. Thanks for all the concerns!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Well I have gotten the approval to talk about the kids on my blog! yahoo! So far we are having a blast! The boys and I love to have picnics at the parks on a regular basis, we switch the parks up a bit. Tomorrow is Michael's first day of school! O how peaceful the home will be for a couple of hours! Don't get me wrong, I love him and love to play games, but it will be a nice break! I won't have a lot of relaxing to do, I am in the process of helping Jack walk! He walks no matter of fact runs with his little play walker, but take that away he wants nothing to do with his feet on the floor! It has been a screaming household since I have been here, Jack is teething, Michael finally understands I am the boss, and he needs to listen to me. Elizabeth has been working from home lately so it has been tricky not to have Michael run to her about every little thing. He doesn't anymore which is nice, he comes to me for every little thing now which I love! He loves to play outside and inside, and gets them mixed up. He needs a constant reminder that when we are inside we use soft voice. He is very well mannered kid that likes to push your buttons. Jack well so far he just points and yells at you until you get him what he wants. He now prefers to have a plate and a spoon or fork when he eats. He is a little copy cat when it comes to what Michael is doing or what he has. He is like a hoover vaccume! I swear you would think that I never feed him, he eats a ton!! You know when he is done, because he will rip off his bib and hand it to you and when your back is turned he calls the dog over and chucks food on the floor. Atleast he calls the dog over before right :) not that the dog is to far away, Lucca stands ready just staring at the floor just waiting for something to fall. So far everything is still going great!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Where do I even start? Don't you just hate when your family back home is doing fun things and then sends out that text inviting everyone including me who is out of state! That seriously got me to miss home, throughout this whole time being away from home I have been absolutely fine. I don't want to be home sick, I love it out here. If only I could stop thinking about all of the fun things they are doing. I miss hanging out with everyone, I miss seeing my dad in person. Skype is fine I love it but it is not the same. I can't wrap my arms around him and just give him a hug when I have a rough day. I miss the little things that my mom did for me, even if it was a invite to go tracking with her. I still miss it. I am out on my own, making my own choices that come with their consequences. So far the consequence I am facing now is leaving home and missing every little thing. I need to get out there and do fun things for myself. Sometimes I wonder if when I come home that I will be as close as I was before to them. Will I be the outsider looking in at first? That is my worst fear. I call my dad and mom almost daily but with me doing that I run out of things to say, I am sure they think it is a little much but I don't want to be lets say forgotten. Don't get me wrong, I am not at all ready to come home and I'm sure I am only feeling this way because it is a new change that I am not used to. On Monday it will be three weeks since I have arrived in California. Out with the old and in with the new. This is just a little bump in the road that I am scared to drive over. Sooner or later I will get a little push. What can I say I miss home. It is already September, soon it will be October, then all of a sudden November will show up, then December will get here and then I will be home for roughly a week. I know that is not nearly enough time, but it will be just enough to get the hugs in, the tears out, and the laughter in. I am very excited to be spending the hollidays with the kids here. Pumpkin patches, pictures with Santa. The whole nine yards. It will be really fun! The kid in me is still in the grown up girl on her own. Growing old is MANDATORY and growing up is OPTIONAL. That is my new qoute! yahoo

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wow! It is already September! Where on earth did summer go?! So far I am having a total blast being a nanny! We love to go do picnics at the park and just spend time outside! At first I was a little scared going to a singles ward all by myself, but luckily there was a luau last Saturday night that I went to, I met a couple of people that I hung around with on Sunday. So my first Sunday at the singles ward was very different, but I liked it. So far everyone has been so nice and welcoming, it is just great. I go to a singles ward that is in the Stanford University area, so yes, that means I will be going to church with college boys, smart college boys that is! YAY!! I am finally all settled in, it took a while to get my last box shipped since the deer hunt was in season! I am glad it all got here not a single thing broke :) whew! I am in love with their dog Lucca. He is such a cuddle bug I love it. He is a miniture snauser. I seem to always find him planted on my bed through out the day! I love it! :) I wont come home until Christmas hopefully the 22nd- through the 27, it is not final but that is what we are all shooting for! I am having such a ball figuring out how the kids work and what they like and dislike, so far I feel like I am doing pretty good. I am not stressed or even over whelmed at all. It is quite easy most days, so the whole nanny experience is wonderful!